Dark Chocolate, Avocado, Chilli & Lime Torte


This decadent torte is not only gluten free but also suitable for vegans, and it can literally be made in minutes if you need a pudding in a hurry! From Aroma Cafe, Lyme Regis

Serves 6

400g dark chocolate (check it’s dairy free!)

6 avocados

120g coconut cream

2tbsp agave nectar

1 lime, zest then trim off skin and use all flesh

1 red chilli

125g chopped hazelnuts

30g dairy free spread

Melt the chocolate, either in an old school bain marie or let technology do its thing and microwave it on a low heat. Scoop out the flesh of the avocados, place in a food processor and blitz with the coconut cream, chopped red chilli, agave nectar, and lime zest and fruit until smooth.

Melt the dairy free spread and mix with the chopped hazelnuts. Line an 8 inch cake tin with baking parchment, press the hazelnut mixture into the base as you would for a cheesecake.

Add the melted chocolate to the food processor until it has mixed in with the avocado mix, then pour out on top of the hazelnut base and leave to set for about an hour in the fridge.

It is quite rich, so a little goes a long way! Agave nectar is optional as we usually serve it as a bitter chocolate treat.



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