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Carnival in a Glass

By Rob Davies – Owner, Vida Comida in Sherborne

This buzzy tapas bar brings an authentic tortilla slice of Spain to Sherborne. They pride themselves on proper, freshly prepared tapas. The sort of consistently well cooked classics that you enjoy on holiday en España but rarely get back home. Best accompanied by a cocktail…

“This amazing cocktail was introduced to me in a Brazilian bar in Chueca, Madrid” says owner Rob Davies. “I am not sure if this bar, ObaOba, sold anything else as I never saw anyone dare to ask. To be honest, why would you want anything else when there are caipirinhas?”


Ingredients (for each glass)

1 lime cut into 8 chunks

4 or 5 teaspoons of golden caster sugar – avoid the temptation to use a heavy brown sugar, it just dominates the drink

50cl of Cachaça (Brazilian national drink – We use Velho Barreiro supplied by Nectar Imports, but there are lots of brands available in the UK now which is great)

Crushed ice

We dress our glasses by drawing lime around the rim and then dipping the top of the glass in the sugar. This just adds a sweetness when you drink that is really nice – ironically we then add straws but it still looks great! We make our cocktail in the shaker. You can muddle the ingredients in the glass with a decent wooden muddling stick, but we love a bit of theatre and we find that the flavour of the limes gets drawn out more when they get bruised in the shaker.

We add the limes, sugar and Cachaça to a large cocktail shaker, throw in a glassful of crushed ice and then shake hard to muddle these together.

Pour everything – ice, limes, the lot – into a sugared glass. Add a segment of lime to garnish and a couple of short straws. It is so simple and a great way to start any party night!

¡Que aproveche!


That’s the Spirit

Velho Barreiro Cachaca (39% ABV)
Cachaça is Brazil’s national spirit, distilled from the fermented juice of sugar cane and drunk with some gusto – over a billion litres a year. There are over 4,000 brands but Velho Barreiro is one of the most appreciated cachaças. It has a surprisingly delicate aroma thanks to the double distillation production method. Use it for preparing a caipirinha or any other fruit cocktail or enjoy straight on the rocks.



Vida Comida at The Swan

The Swan Yard, Cheap St, Sherborne, Dorset. DT9 3AX.

01935 816116



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